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Robin Murphy is sought-after science communicator, roboticist, researcher and award-winning contributor to the field of disaster robotics. She’s credited with being one of the founders of the disaster robotics field, and is one of the world’s foremost experts in understanding the robot-human interaction.

Robin is the Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. Her novel approach to science & education is recognized: She’s been voted one of “30 Most Innovative Women Professors Alive Today” and is the Engineering Faculty Fellow for Innovation in High-Impact Learning Experiences. Her commentary and insights on diaster robotics are regularly featured on Wall Street Journal, Time, BBC, CNN, Washington Post, and more.

A die-hard Sci-Fi devotee, Robin’s known for her innovative methods of teaching robotics through science fiction. Her diverse personal and professional background allows her to connect to all audiences and deliver engaging, accurate and meaningful content. Robin’s authored hundreds of academic papers, written several books and and won numerous awards for her contribution to disaster robotics.

Her website, Robotics Through Science Fiction, and her monthly science fiction/science fact column for the journal Science Robotics uses Robot Movies, Books, and Stories to explain how robotics work in real life. Murphy guides us from fantasy to fundamental concepts such as the physical challenges of robotic prosthetics to the belief-desire-intention model of artificial intelligence.



Praise for disaster robotics won an honorable mention 2015 American Publishers Awards Prose Awards for Best Writing and for Best Writing In Engineering and Technology:

What they say about Robin

As one of the top international researchers in search and rescue robotics and a true pioneer in multiple respects, Robin Murphy has focused her considerable expertise from field exercises into a concise manual that doubles as both an accessible tutorial and an authoritative reference. An excellent resource!

Richard Voyles, Associate Dean for Research, Purdue College of Technology


I would strongly recommend this book for anyone doing (or looking to do) disaster robotics or work in difficult environments. I would recommend this book for the last section even if the other sections were not in existence.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars (I think this is the first review that I am giving 5 stars, it almost feels wrong).

David Kohanbash, Robots for Roboticists


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“There is terrific robot technology already available for rescue but the robots are not available 24/7 in the right location” – Robin Murphy